Welcome to the V-Store Network. This is the right place where you'll get the Online Store that turns site visitors to loyal customers.

To enjoy your V-Store, we strongly recommend that you have the following in place:

An Internet Ready Phone
Pictures and descriptions of the products.
A Bank Account
Contact a courier service near you that will assist you deliver your goods to your clients within 48 hours after confirmation of payments.
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V-Store is the most simple and easy to use E-Commerce solution

The V-Store is your own online store for:

  • Effective Product Display,
  • Excellent Customer Service,
  • Keeping Accurate Inventory,
  • Getting Patronage Beyond Borders,
  • Effective Customer/Client Management
  • Staying Ahead of Competition etc.

You will be able to manage the entire site content like product pictures, description, contact information, quantity available, payment options etc. without contacting any of our support personnel.

You will be able to accomplish this directly from your admin account using a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer.

What Others Are Saying About V-Store
I have 2 V-stores already. My business went from small to Mega in just 3 months of operating the Online Store.

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