1. What is V-Store?

A V-Store is a special e-commerce website that contains vital tools that aide you sell products successfully online. It helps you organise your business by keeping accurate records of customers information, products info, daily orders, product inventory, payment options, enewsletter subscribers etc.

2. How do I get a V-Store?

Simply click here to apply for a V-Store. You can also contact one of our distributors in your location to put you through on how to take advantage of the V-Store.

3. Who can use a V-Store?

If you currently sell any tangible product and want people to patronise you from anywhere in this world, then the V-Store is what you need now.

4. How much is a V-Store?

The V-Store is highly subsidised because of our drive to reduce unemployment rate and empower individuals globally. We currently offer the V-Store package below 390 US Dollars, as against the market value of over 1,000 US Dollars.

5. Do you have Accredited Distributors?
Yes. We are currently receiving applications from reputable individuals and organisations that want to join forces with us to increase the number of V-Store owners globally. Click here for more information.



6. What does an Accredited Distributor do?

The Accredited V-Store Distributors are so vital to the success of the entire V-Store Network. This is because they are the ones that get merchants and traders to see the need of selling their goods online. They also assist in setting up new V-Stores. A process that takes only few minutes.

Distributors also show the owners how to use the V-Store control panel and Front Store to run a successful online business.

7. What are the Benefits of an Accredited Distributor?

To find out the benefits of the V-Store Distributor, please visit this link.

8. How many minutes does it take to create a V-Store(Online Store)?

It takes less than 10minutes to setup your V-Store account if you come through a registered distributor. However, it takes about 96 hours before site banners can be ready.

9. I have registered a domain already, can I use it for my V-Store?

Yes. Kindly state this on the special note field, when filling the V-Store sign up form.

10. Does the V-Store have a renewal period?

Yes, depending on how long you subscribed. The default period is 365 calendar days. It's a web service and thus requires to be maintained and optimised at all times.

11. Can I get a FREE V-Store account?

Yes you can, but it will come with a subdomain and will be valid for only 30days from the time your signed you. Contact the closest V-Store Distributor for more information on how you can go about it.